Rolling  Oaks  Ranch



 We raise purebreed Black Angus cattle; which are known to have high meat quality and good temperments.  The cows are good mothers and easy to handle.

 All of our beef is raised here on the ranch.  Our cows calve out in the spring time (April - May). After the calves are weaned at 6 months old the steers are raised for meat and heifers go back to grow our herd and become future mothers.


 The steers are out on pasture their entire life.  We have the ability to have the steer 100% grass fed out in the pasture or have the steer grain finished.  When we grain finish it means for the last 120 days the steers are feed grain twice a day while continueing to be out in pasture.  The grain adds more flavor and marbleing to the meat.  But ultimatly it is up to you which beef you prefer; we have both.


 After the meat is harvested it hangs at the butcher for 21-24 days for ageing.  All of our beef is harvested, cut and wrapped at a USDA facility in Esparto, Califorina.





      Part of the Next Generation of Rolling Oaks Ranch  


 We take great pride in our herd.